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Mrs Rimmer, Mrs Gough, Mrs Laird and Mrs Day would like to warmly welcome you to the year 6 class page. We hope that you will be regular visitors so we can keep you up to date with what we have been learning, any class news and other key activities or events that may be taking place. 

Please look through the site below for our most recent learning, achievements and useful information such as letters and topic overviews.


If you have any questions or queries that you'd like to discuss, please don't hesitate to contact us via the school office.

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Y6 Blog

Cub Scout Awards (Tuesday 5th November 2019)

Well done to these two who were awarded their Chief Scout Award. In Cubs, there are six badges you have to earn; Personal Challenge, Our World Challenge, Adventure Challenge, Outdoor Challenge, Our Skills and Team Leader. When these are all achieved, you receive a Silver Scout Award which can be displayed on your Scout Uniform.

Picture 1
Picture 2

@rubbishbaskets Workshop (Tuesday 5th November 2019)

Today, Claire Mills, a local artist came into talk to us about reusing materials. She talked about how plastic is made using oils from creatures found at the bottom of the sea. It takes billions of years for this oil to be created. 

Claire then demonstrated how she reuses plastic to create new things such as bags, decorations and baskets! The children then had a go at making a basket themselves!

Buddy Time (Monday 4th November 2019)

Each week, Year 6 pupils meet with their buddies in Reception Class. This week, they created firework pictures using natural materials that they found, such as leaves and sticks and added some colour using chalk. 

Maths (Tuesday 5th November 2019)

Our focus in Maths this week is fractions. Children have been looking at comparing fractions and ordering fractions. They have been investigating whether converting the denominator or numerator as the most efficient way to order and compare fraction.

Y6 Garden (Tuesday 22nd October)

Our raised bed is beginning to take shape. Kevin and Archie have been working hard to plant our new herb plants. So far we have lemon balm, rosemary, spearmint, mint, chives and oregano. We are planning to use our herbs as seasoning in our cooking. Also we have planted some chamomile which we are planning on using to make tea!

We would be grateful for any herb plants you have spare that we can use in our bed. Also we are looking for any lavender plants as we are hoping to make some projects using dried lavender. 

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Interhouse Spelling Bee (Tuesday 22nd October)

Today we have been doing our annual Spelling Bee. A Spelling Bee is a spelling competition for Year 6's where teams are asked to spell a word given to them by the pronouncer. For each correct word, the house team receive a point. The house with the most point wins.













October - BLACK HISTORY MONTH (15th October 2019)

In English and Guided Reading sessions we have started looking at the Windrush Generation. Please ask your child what they have learnt about Empire Windrush! 

They will be writing postcards, reading poems by John Agard and looking at the text 'Coming Home', an autobiography by Baroness Floella Benjamin over the coming weeks.

Interhouse Spelling Bee

A reminder that Interhouse Spelling Bee takes place next week. Children have had the list of words to learning for homework for this half term. There is a copy on this page to be dowloaded if needed.

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (15th October 2019)

In Guided Reading, we have been reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne (a huge thank you to all parents and carers who have purchased this for their child to use in class.).

Today, we looked at how the author uses clothes to indicate the status of characters, and the way that they often treat others according to their outward appearance. Firstly, we discussed how a character’s outward appearance and behaviour are not always an indication of the real person by looking at images of uniforms and how we should not 'judge a book by its cover'!

Then we took on the role of five of the characters, Pavel, Father, Maria, Jewish Prisoners and Bruno and discussed what the author suggested about the person or people underneath their appearance.

A very thought provoking discussion!

Henry Moore Sculpture (15th October 2019)

In Art, we have been looking at the artist, Henry Moore. We learnt that during World War II, he was commissioned by the War Artists Advisory Committee to make drawings of people in London using underground stations as bomb shelters. The scratchy dark drawings powerfully capture the feelings of anxiety that people must have felt.

Using foil, children started to create their own sculptures. They will then being using papier mache to complete the 'sculpture'.

Annie & Sian - Ice Skating Champions

A huge well done to these two. They took part in a competition in Hemel Hempsted called Spin-Sprial-Jump. It was Annie's first competition and Sian's third competition. They didn't win this time, but both came 2nd in their category!

Well done Girls!


Picture 1

Jack - Swimming Champion!

A huge well done to Jack. He swam in four events in total including two individual 50m races in which he swam really well coming 4th and 5th out of 8 and 2 relays.

It is a real achievement to be picked and as the squad selector says: Your swimmer has been selected as a result of being the best in the county since January this year, they should feel very proud of themselves. In all the years I’ve been selecting the squad we have never finished this high, 5th out of 8 counties, so all the swimmers, staff, clubs and dev camps should be proud of the training and work being done.


We are very proud of him too!

Picture 1

Class Assembly (14th October 2019)

On Friday, Year 6 showed off some the the work they have been doing this term to Parents/Carers. For those of you who were unable to attend, here is the video of our Blitz Dance so far. 

Shoo Rayner visits Y6! (Tuesday 24th September) 

Today the author and illustrator visited us to teach us about drawing and illustrating books.

Following our topic of Conflict, he showed the children step by step how to draw German and British warplanes. Take a look at the photos to see some of the children's amazing efforts!

We will be compiling all the drawings to create a modern day Bayeux Tapestry. We will add the picture of our final piece when it is completed.

House Captain Hustings! (Monday 16th September)

A huge well done to all of Y6. They  worked hard last week at writing their speeches and we were very impressed. 

Congratulations to the following children:

Woburn: Maggie & Bhav

Ashridge: Isaac & Ava-Grace

Hartwell: George & Poppy

Waddesdon: Sian & Isobel


First week back! (Thursday 12th September)

What a busy start to Year 6; air raids, Beano magazines, shelter building, House Captain hustings and much more!

In English this week, children have been looking at what makes a powerful persuasive speech and writing their House Captain speeches which they will present to their houses on Monday. Good Luck to all!

Place value has been the focus on Maths this week. All children have their Mathletics logins now stuck inside the Reading Records. This is part of their weekly homework along with reading. Tasks will be set each week which link to the learning in class. 

We have some fantastic artists in the class. Children looked at the history of the Beano comic and how characters are drawn to look like they are moving. Children then had a go at drawing their own moving Beano, Gnasher or Minnie the Minx!

In computing, children have been introduced to the program Kodu. Take a look at the website for some examples of the games that the children will be creating over the coming weeks: 


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