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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


Miss Saunders, Mrs Pine and Mrs Spencer would like to warmly welcome you to the year 4 class page. We hope that you will be regular visitors so we can keep you up to date with what we have been learning, any class news and other key activities or events that may be taking place. 

Please look through the site below for our most recent learning, achievements and useful information such as letters and topic overviews.


We are looking forward to getting to know everyone over the next few weeks and are thrilled to be sharing your child's learning journey with you. 


If you have any questions or queries that you'd like to discuss, please don't hesitate to contact us via the school office.

Who's Who

Miss Saunders- Class Teacher
Mrs Spencer- Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Pine- Learning Support Assistant

Home Learning March 2020

Please find below all relevant resources related to the Y4 learning grid sent home earlier in the week. These resources will be updated and changed as and when needed over the coming weeks.


In the meantime, if you would like to share any of the home learning you are completing at home with me then please email any named work and or pictures to - I can then share this on the class page on a weekly basis so we can continue to celebrate our successes together at home (if you just want to share the work with me and not for it to be posted on the website then please let me know in the email).


If any children would like to write to me (as some have requested my address), please send any letters to the school address (I will be here so I will definitely get it!).


High St





Finally, I really would love to know about all of your fantastic learning at home - so please keep me updated!


Keep safe, continue to work hard and I'll see you all soon!


Miss Saunders 

Year 3/4 Bubble Timetable

Home Learning Topic Grid Summer

Blast off!! PE Home learning! 🚀

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Happy Birthday Kardelen!!!! 🎉🎁

Happy Birthday Nicholas.... 🎉🎉

Happy Birthday Ted! 🎂🎉

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Happy Birthday for Sunday Ted!!

Horrible Histories - The Shang Dynasty!

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An awesome piece of home-learning!

Crafty Chinese Dragons! 🐉

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Excellent English! ✍️

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Year 4 Home learning - Summer Weeks 3 + 4! ☀️

Year 4 Home learning - Summer Week 2! ☀️

Year 4 Home learning - Summer Week 1! ☀️

Well done for all the FAB home learning you completed during the Easter holidays - especially when that was your time to be chilling! Keep it up - I'm super proud of you all! xxx

Happy Birthday Elise!! 🎂😄

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DEAR 1 - SLIME! by David Walliams - Prologue

DEAR with Miss Saunders - the dramatic retelling of SLIME! by David Walliams!

I hope you all enjoy it! xx


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Happy Easter Year 4! 🐰

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A special celebration..

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Home Learning Weeks 1 and 2

Have a look at the AMAZING home learning that has taken place over the last 2 weeks - it has brought a huge smile to my face when I have received your work and pictures. I love to see how you are getting on! 


Thank you to Kardelen and Cameron for sending in your GPS quizzes - all looking good, I can see how hard you have been trying, keep it up!

Elise has had a busy couple of weeks - she went on a bike ride, it was her first time to the ford on the road.  Elise has completed her maths sheet, some times tables and has been playing some word games on Boggle. She had some unusual visitors can you spot them?


James has sent in his story about his character Toby in the forest - he has included some excellent description - have a read, can you find it too?


Toby has also had a busy week completing things such as; baking, yoga, roman badges, walks, crystal growing, planting, bubble fun in the garden, painting, magic tricks, drawing and creating things for his characters that he made up, reading and some of the school work that was set. WOW Toby - you have been busy, looks like great fun! 


Harry sent in some pictures of his gardening and baking he's been doing at home. He has planted potatoes, carrots, runner beans, beetroot, lettuce and cress.
Harry has also helped water and weed it. He has written letters to his nan and has completed some Matheltics! Great job Harry!


I would like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of how hard Year 4 are continuing to work at home. The commitment I have seen to the home learning-based activities so far with spelling shed and Mathletics has been commendable. Well done Year 4 - I honestly can't wait to see all your home learning next week!


I'm missing you all very much,


Miss Saunders xx

Year 4 Home Learning Picture Blog Weeks 1 and 2

Maths Home Learning Challenge

Maths Lessons- Week 1


Maths - Week 2

Maths - Week 3 






Curriculum Overviews

Useful Documents

Target Tracker Assessment resources

Useful Links

Y4 Blog

Soil investigation.... Simply groundbreaking!

In science this week we conducted our own soil investigation. Following on from a teacher demonstration from Miss Saunders earlier in the week,  we looked and explored the differnt variables of the investigation we were going to conduct. We were able to choose what variable we would change and measure in our own investigation. When it came to completing the investigation some of us were nervous to complete it on our own but once we got going we all loved it and worked very scientficially getting some really interesting results! 

Marvellous, muddy maths day!

Last week we had our maths day in which we had jam-packed day full of fun and different maths activities.


Year 4 started with an investigation based on the book One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor J. Pinczes ( Miss Saunders set us the task of finding all the factors of 100 - she believed that 100 had 12 factors but we quickly proved her wrong using our knowledge of arrays and division and found out that it has 9 factors and we linked this to what we had read in the book! Who says teachers know everything? 


Next and working with Year 3, we completed our secret Dark Code mission to defeat an alien robot race who had invaded Earth. We had different stations that we had to go to in our groups and used our combined brain power to solve puzzles and gain clues that let us blast the robot spaceship out of the sky and save Earth! 


Still teamed up with Year 3, we completed a maths scavenger hunt outside  and a team quiz solving problems using all of our learning we have been taught so far. We know our shoes were muddy but we had great fun running around solving the problems left for us!

We rock!

In Science this term we are looking at rocks and their properties. On Friday we explored how and why rocks change over time. We learnt about a process called weathering and how wind and rain can cause this. We mimicked this process with ourselves (rocks), post it notes (rock fragments) and a fan (the wind) - the fan blew the post-it notes off showing us how the wind can cause rock fragments to erode over time.


Then, we found rocks from outside and placed them in containers, shook them 100 times and observed the changes to the water/rock fragments - this demonstrated the process of erosion caused by rain! 

Gymnastics - Partner Balances

Our topic in PE this half term is gymnastics - this week we have been focusing on partner balances and body tension. We learnt why it is important to keep our body tense when we are balancing in gymnastics and had a go at various partner balances - we tried our hardest not to be wobbly but some were super tricky! We worked really well with our partners and managed to show some amazing balances! 

Eat the Season!

This week in cookery we have been looking at seasonal food and why it is so important to eat food seasonally. We were given a variety of different fruits and vegetables to taste and had to sort them into the seasons in which they were best for eating. We couldn't wait to  get nibbling and were very surprised at how far some our imported food has to travel before it reaches us! We ate grapes that had travelled from Brazil - that would take over a day to fly the grapes to the UK just so we could have some in our pack lunches! Crazy! 


Today we re-enacted an ancient Roman and Celtic battle! We were given battle tactics and had to surround the enemy and capture the prisoners! Whoever had caught the most of each others forces was the winner of the battle. You should have heard our war cries - we were vicious!!

Class Assembly Notice

As you will be aware our class assembly is on Friday 29th November. We don't want to spoil the surprise too much but it is rainforest themed and all children have been given a speaking and acting part!


So, to add the extra 'wow factor' we can wear costumes/different clothes specific to our role during the assembly! It is not suggested that you buy new costumes but rather use what you have at home/what we can find in school! Narrators may wear party clothes and the children with animal roles are encouraged to dress in colours similar to the animal they have been given! If you cannot find a suitable outfit I would suggest all black or plain clothing to which we can add a mask! 


We look forward to showing you all our hard work!

Multiplication Practice!

Today in Maths we were consolidating our 9x tables! We used this very helpful but fun website to support us and we wanted to share it with our adults so that we can continue to practice our times tables at home with the help of a a game or two!


Please find the link below, have an explore and get practicing!

Making Mini-Greenhouses: Stability exploration

In DT this week we have been exploring the stability of various shapes. Year 4 discussed and evaluated how strong and stable each shape was and which one could be the most suitable shape for a greenhouse. We experimented with cutting out different sections of the shapes in different sizes and shapes to represent the windows. We then discussed the stability and the amount of light that would be allowed in on each others shapes! 

Causal Conjunction Scavenger Hunt

In Literacy this week our grammar focus has been causal conjunctions! We will use these to support our persuasive letter writing, which we will be sending to an actual logging company in the Amazon! We completed a causal conjunction scavenger hunt, and then placed these into our own cause and effect sentences! 

Multiplication Tables Check

The national curriculum specifies that pupils should be taught to recall the multiplication tables up to and including 12 × 12 by the end of year 4.


The purpose of the multiplication tables check is to determine whether pupils can recall their times tables fluently, which is essential for future success in mathematics. It will help schools to identify pupils who have not yet mastered their times tables, so that additional support can be provided.


To help support your child in this, multiplication practice should happen at home to further consolidate the learning taking place in class! Each week Year 4 will have a specific multiple they will be focusing on in class as specified in the Year 4 Multiplication Tests document located on the homework section of the class page. The children will be tested on the focus multiple every Friday!


To help support your children at home, practice little and often with some quickfire questions - don't forget to include the related division fact as well! I have attached a website which has some helpful tips on how to practice at home!


I thank you for your support in this!


Miss Saunders


Cushions - We are deciding to trial the children having cushions on their chairs to make the classroom a more enjoyable and comfortable learning environment. If you would like to, please send your child in with a cushion for their chair, the size of the cushion should be no bigger than 45 x 45 cm and should not be so thick that the children will not be able to work comfortably at their desks! 


Thank you in advance,


Miss Saunders

Key Text - For the remainder of the Autumn term the children will be using the book The Explorer by Katherine Rundell. We do ask that the children bring their own copies of the text for use in class. Please could you ensure that your child brings a named copy as soon as possible for use in our Literacy sessions!


Thank you,


Miss Saunders 


Mathletics task will be set weekly on a Friday. All children have their login details stuck on the inside cover of their Reading Records - if this is not the case, please let us know through the school office!


Children are expected to read daily where possible, this should be recorded in their Reading Record and signed by a parent/carer. Please ensure that the Reading Record is in school every day so that it can be checked!