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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Miss Stevens and Mrs Way would like to warmly welcome you to the Year 1 Class Page. We hope that you will be regular visitors so we can keep you up to date with what we have been learning, any class news and other key activities or events that may be taking place. 

Please look through the site below for our most recent learning, achievements and useful information such as letters and topic overviews.


We are looking forward to getting to know everyone over the next few weeks and are thrilled to be sharing your child's learning journey with you. 


If you have any questions or queries that you'd like to discuss, please don't hesitate to contact us via the school office.

Who's Who.

Miss Stevens. Class Teacher
Mrs Way. Teaching Assistant

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Curriculum Overviews

Year Group Letters 

"Sally" the saw


Our Sally got an outing today and boy did she work hard! We had so many little logs looking for their new homewinkLittle people with a big saw equals great co operation, listening skills and working with a partner to get the job done. Year 1 you totally rocked it today and I was so proud of you all not to mention excited for an extra session with you.


Wishing you all a fabulous summer break and enjoy year 2!


Mrs V

Year one created this fantastic sign during their forest school sessions and today the finishing touches were added and it placed where it belongs. Great job gang it really sums up what forest school is all about and created with your own ideas, creativity and teamwork 

Forest fun


Year one have proved yet again at how adaptable they are to using different tools and creating their own imaginary world down in forest school this term. I've had children become involved in creating and making with wood and others who really want to care for the environment by creating, not just a bug house but a bug palace. Also, I need to mention 'Edlesborough mud cafe'. We adults have seen the passion that has gone in to creating some beautifully presented dishes and well......Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out!

Sadly next week is our last session and so the children have requested marshmallows over the fire pit and if I can source it,  I might just pop some corn too:) If your child has any allergies or special requests please send in alternatives that we can possibly use. I have asked them all this week to find their own special stick ( roughly the same length as their arm) to bring in next Thursday. Please ensure this is wrapped up in plastic bag and tucked at the bottom of their school bag so they are not tempted to get it out before forest school in the afternoon. They will then have a chance to whittle it ready for their marshmallows. I do have a bag of marshmallows but if you can send in a bag or two please, it means they get to experience cooking more .... I promise ill cap it to 2 each :)


Please don't forget that even though its is warmer weather children still need to be in long trousers and long sleeved t shirts for health and safety reasons. Its also worth mentioning a hat too.


Mrs V



Different ways to use a hammer.

Rain stops no one :)

Hammers, nails, paints ....and a scavenger hunt!

Forest school


Welcome back to forest school year one! 


As you can see we got straight on with tools and WOW did you do a great job. I think I may need to source more wood and nails for next week:) We will be linking this term with the class topic of nature. If you have any kitchen roll tubes, bits of plastic piping or are out and about walking and find some lovely small twigs, we will be attempting to build some bug houses, so please bring them in.


You will see two lovely new additions to our forest school area. The new class building for those extremely wet days but also outdoor learning in class time and our favourite place to hang out, our new swing laugh


Please remember outer layers and wellies even though its getting warmer and hats for those sunny days 


Mrs V 

Pancake Day/World Book Day!


Year 1 have had a busy week this week with Pancake Day and World Book Day. On Monday the children got to design their own weird and wonderful pancakes so that ready for Tuesday they were well equipped for pancake making! All of the children took part in the preparation process as we discussed what equipment we would need to make them. We applied our most recent Mathematics learning to measure and weigh the ingredients and practised our best whisking skills to combine all of them together. We then had a go at cooking and flipping the pancakes ready to then be eaten by all!


On Thursday we all very much enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day and we had a special visitor come into school which was very fun and very exciting. He taught us all how to draw and we had a go at drawing a very funny looking baboon! Back in the classroom, the children got the opportunity to illustrate and write their very own books! We had amazing work from all of the children with some very original ideas. The children thoroughly enjoyed planning and writing their own stories. In the afternoon, we came together with Year 2 to share our favourite story books from home. It was wonderful to see the children discuss their favourtie stories together.

Remembrance Week


Year 1 have had an incredible week this week celebrating Remembrance and we have thought deeply about the soldiers who fought in the war for us, as well as animals that were also very brave, who risked their lives to help the soldiers. We have been extremely busy, extremely crafty and even got our cooking hats on!! We have learnt about soldiers and their uniform, we have (thanks to Mrs Way) looked at real medals from both World War One and Two, we have crafted poppies in many different ways, we have written letters to soldiers and even to a dog named Sergeant Stubby, who was a very special dog indeed! We have even cracked the morse code and wrote our own messages in it as well as experimenting with chalk to create soldier silhouettes. Year 1 have worked together to create trenches in our outdoors area and even set up a rationing shop as we learnt about the food shortages during the war. This lead us on to making wartime butternut squash soup, we chopped up onions (Miss Stevens was crying a lot!), sweet potato and butternut squash and we let it cook in our slow cooker for the day. We then blended it today (Friday) and tasted it in the afternoon. We finished off the week commemorating the Christmas Day event of 1914 where the soldiers stopped fighting to play football together. All of KS1 joined in and we had a truly enjoyable afternoon playing football altogether. The classroom and school included smelt like onion which made Mr Bush very happy. The children have worked very hard and have been very considerate in remembering those who fought for our country. Please take a look through the photographs to admire all of their hard work from this week. We have truly had a wonderful week together!

Our First Two Weeks


Hello Year 1 Parents and Carers,

We have been extremely busy in our first two weeks of Year 1! We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other, our new classroom and most of all learning lots of new and exciting things!


Over the past two weeks the children have become familiar with the day to day running of Year 1 and have especially enjoyed their integration from Reception to Year 1 through 'Continuous Provision'.


The children have taken it upon themselves to independently complete 'Six Challenges' each week, all based around Maths, Literacy and Topic learning during their free time. We have seen some fantastic creations of homes, den building and toys, made from different materials, which have been designed first with the opportunity to evaluate their creations afterwards. The children have had the opportunity to write and 'send' letters to Dogger (our Literacy focus) as well as having exciting opportunities to mark make in foam and gel in the outdoor area. The children have practiced their number order and completed 'missing number challenges' both indoor and out and have even enjoyed counting to 100 and back whilst exercising at the same time! We have practiced our collaging, painting and drawing skills through creating pictures of Dogger using many different techniques and materials. We have also tackled computing - becoming familiar with the use of laptops as well as some drama and role play.


A big well done to all of the children for throwing themselves into their learning and developing their growth mindset!


Please look through the plethora of photographs which capture our best moments from the past few weeks and what we must say is a fantastic Year 1 start!