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Edlesborough School

Inquisitive Inclusive Inspired

School Development Plan

Edlesborough School Development Plan 2019 - 2020


Quality of Education

Strategic aims:

- Implement new curriculum across school

- Effectively monitor and evaluate the impact of the new curriculum

- Implement and embed effective and accurate assessment of non-core subjects

- Writing skills are evidenced and embedded across the curriculum


Behaviours and Attitudes

Strategic aims:

- To raise the % of all pupils to greater than 97%


Personal Development

Strategic aims:

- Children have the confidence and interpersonal skills to work collaboratively with children from different backgrounds

- Children, staff, parents and governors to endorse and embody the schools new values of being inquisitive, inclusive and inspired


Leadership and Management

Strategic aims:

- Develop the role of subject leaders to impact on the outcomes of pupils

- Further improve communication between stakeholders

- Extend outdoor learning provision to improve pupil well-being

- To introduce and embed CPOMs across the school


Effectiveness of the Foundation Stage Provision

Strategic aims:

- Further improve the use of assessment in Pre-School

- Develop a relevant CPD programme for Pre-School staff


Learning Environment

Strategic aims:

Relocate library to the old Victorian classroom as part of improving the reading culture of Edlesborough School