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Welcome to Pre-School

Welcome to our Pre-School class page. Keep popping back regularly to see all of the fun and educational activities that we take part in.

Our Pre-School Staff

Mrs Rigby - Pre-School Leader
Mrs Lopez - Pre-School Deputy Leader
Mrs Needham - Pre-School Assistant
Mrs Frazer - Pre-School Assistant
Mrs Woolcott - Pre-School Assistant
Miss Freed - Pre-School Assistant
Mrs Naish - Pre-School Assistant (Bank Staff)

Year Group Letters

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Wishing you all a lovely Summer break . Thank you for your support over the year.

We all enjoyed a party snack on the last day of the term!

We all had lots of fun cooling down in the paddling pool!

Teddy bear's Picnic. Thank you to all who came along.

Enjoying outdoor play!


Ark Farm Pre-School Visit

Today, for our Leaver's Treat, Shannon from Ark Farm brought some animals to visit. We met a tortoise called Ted, a huge rabbit called Bramble and three small rabbits called Sky, Maisy and Daisy. Also to visit were two guinea pigs called Harry and Malfoy, two sugar gliders called Immy and Romily and a very cute pygmy hedgehog called Cheese. Shannon also brought some chickens, an owl called Sherwood and a very gentle Labrador called Jesper.


The children were given the opportunity to stroke and feed the animals if they wished. Ted the tortoise was a big favourite!

Sherwood the owl

Sports Day 2019

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles who cheered the children on so enthusiastically. Lots of fun was had by all!

Outdoor fun!

The children used the tyres, planks and wooden blocks to make a see-saw.

Pyjamarama Day

We all wore our pyjamas to Pre-School, read lots of our favourite stories and even had a “midnight feast!”

The children are enjoying the new sand and water tray that were kindly donated by Bellway Homes.


Lily the Lamb came to visit Pre-School.

Lily was only 2 weeks old when Mrs Edmonds very kindly brought her to visit. The children were able to feed her from her bottle and stroke her soft coat.

The children were very lucky as we were able to visit Mrs McLean's classroom to see some chicks that had just hatched. We also saw one that had started to peck his way out of his egg.

We had lots of fun exploring Mini-Beasts.


We made a bug hotel- a ladybird and some spiders came to visit!

A swimming pool, seasaw and garden were added for the insects entertainment!


We also made a wormery and Mrs Hattle kindly brought us some frogspawn.

One of the children brought her butterfly to Pre-School and told the children how she had watched it change from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Mrs Frazer read "The Hungry Caterpillar" story. The children then watched the butterfly as it flew away.

Red Nose Day Fun

We have been busy at our mixing station this week.



Please find below a selection of photos displaying the fun we've had at Pre-School over the last few weeks.

Making the most of the lovely weather......the children started playing their musical instrument when the bubbles were blown and kept playing until the last bubble burst!

FOES kindly bought Pre-School at CD player and headphones for all the children to enjoy.

'Stay and Play'

A walk in the rain.

Mark making, measuring and cutting........

Fun in the snow!


This half-term our theme is Julia Donaldson Books.  

Here are a few photographs from our first story Zog.


We used shapes and textures to create pictures of dragons, knights, princesses and castles. We also used Storysacks and our Storyboard to retell the story.
The children had a sticky time exploring slime!


The children had a busy time in the lead up to Christmas. Please enjoy a selection of photographs from our Christmas activities.


Stay and Play Session

Christmas Activities

Dates for your diary:


Pre-School Nativity- Friday 7th December 10am

Christmas Stay and Play- Tuesday 18th December 9am





Children in Need 2018


The children all had fun taking part in the many different activities that Mrs Needham had prepared.



Another busy week in Pre-School!


We have introduced a 'mixing station' into Pre-School. The children were able to scoop flour, salt and oats into their bowls before adding water and mixing or whisking. They created anything from batter to playdough!  Over the next few weeks we will add different textures and spices for the children to experiment with.

This week we have made poppies and talked about Remembrance. On Friday the children watched a CBeebies poppy animation before observing a one minutes silence. We then went out to look at the poppies on the front grass.
Some children created 'a river' with the blocks flowing all the way from our Pre-School to the Year 6 classroom.

On Wednesday our trampoline broke!  Isaiah tried hard to fix it.

We finished our week with a musical instrument session!



Please have a look to see what we were up to last week in Little Stars!


We had lots of fun exploring the exciting changes to our home corner! 

We scooped the seeds out of our pumpkins before using them to develop our hand/eye co-ordination with hammers and golf tees!
Henry, Dylan and Theo used the planks, a tyre and some bricks to make a catapult.


We have spent the last two weeks exploring dinosaur. We particularly enjoyed watching the frozen dinosaur eggs melt. Please take a closer look at our display board next time you're in Pre-School.

Myself and My Family

We started the term talking about Ourselves and Our Families. We used painting and sticking to create our artwork.

Cake Sale- 28th Sept

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents and staff who contributed towards the cake sale on Friday. We had an amazing spread!