School will re-open on Thursday 3rd September to all year groups. Have a lovely summer

Edlesborough School

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Bits and Pieces W/C 13/07/2020

Dear Parents,


This will be the final Bits and Pieces reminder for this term, before school closes for the summer holidays. This week, we have over 91% of our school returning to take part in transition sessions with their new class teacher for September. As you can imagine, organising the logistics of getting children safely dropped off, picked up and everything in between is no mean feat and I would like to thank both Mrs Rimmer for organising this and for the staff making sure their classroom spaces were ready for the children. The sound of children's laughter and chatter resonating from all our classrooms starts to make school feel more like school again.


As mentioned last week, school will be fully re-opening on Thursday 3rd September including Breakfast and After School club. We will share, via our end of term newsletter on Friday, the finer details on drop off and pick-up arrangements for each year group for September, which we will also send out at the start of September. Please read and keep this information, as we need to ensure that the allocated drop-off and pick-up times are adhered to, to maintain everybody's safety. Children will also be expected back in full school uniform.


The Governing Board will be sending out a separate communication today, with an update on governance and developments on the strategic direction of the school.


Reminders for this week:

Wednesday: Y6 Leavers Picnic and Awards - 1:30pm-2:30pm. Entrance via car park side gate. 

Friday: end of term newsletter emailed out


Attachments: Please see the two attachments from FOES


Once it is here, have a lovely summer and we will see you in September.


Best wishes,

Jenny Peel