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Edlesborough School

Inquisitive Inclusive Inspired


Curriculum Intent Statement


At Edlesborough we aim to give the children a knowledge and understanding of the greater world in which we live. Our three core values of inquisitive, inclusive and inspired underpin our curriculum, ensuring that our pupils encapsulate these values by the time they leave us.

We want the children to: be sensitive to others, accepting without exception; understand and explore the world they live in as well as a world outside of their own; foster a natural curiosity and ask questions that drive their learning forward as well as being inspired in their education alongside inspiring others to learn. 

At Edlesborough, we firmly believe that children learn best when they are able to make connections in their learning. Each term we explore a different theme in each age phase which will encompass many curriculum areas, building upon the skills and knowledge in each phase. Cross curricular links are made where possible to deepen their understanding and immerse children, making learning for more meaningful and purposeful. We believe that children learn best when they are actively involved as learning by doing and through exploration and discussion makes learning more memorable. The themes that have been chosen are those that we feel will captivate the children’s enthusiasm and desire to learn. At the core of these themes are quality texts that will support children in their love of reading and experiences that hook and engage the children in the theme. 

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