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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


This is a very exciting year for you and your child as they journey through their final year with us at Edlesborough School. Although a year of many challenges, our aim is to make it as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. 


On this page, you will find relevant information about the work which we will cover this year as well as photos and videos of tasks the children undertake.


If you have any questions or concerns you would to discuss please feel free to contact me via the School Office.


Best wishes,


Mrs Collins and Mrs Hintner




Year 6 Teachers

Year 6 Teachers 1 Mrs Hintner (Wednesday and Thursday)
Year 6 Teachers 2 Mrs Collins (Monday, Tuesday and Friday)

Year 6 Teaching Assistants

Year 6 Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs Pine
Year 6 Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs Evans

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Year Group Letters

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Week 2 Forest school


Straight down to the business of finding each other in the dense undergrowth. Simple games bring simple joy.....and stuck wellies! A lot less mucky this week gang but still equally enjoyable. 


We saw some amazing team work in helping each other when stuck, in more ways than one and encouragement to try new things. Bravo Year 6 

Week one Forest school


Welcome year 6 to exploring and getting very,very muddy! 

I promise parents the novelty wears off pretty quickly when it comes to getting so mucky. However I would  like to say that this experience is all about learning, exploring and understanding nature, respecting the world we live in and taking risks. 


The children began their forest school journey telling me there code names ( a fun way to teach me their names surprise) and learning the safety of base camp. Its important for them to have certain boundaries for safety reasons but we do encourage them to take control of their own learning outdoors. 


Dens were built, trees were climbed and mud baths were had....I'm sure you will agree the smiles on their faces says it all. As the weeks go on we will begin to learn handy knots to make secure dens and hang the hammocks, whittling wood to make frames and even have a go at using flint and steel to light a fire ( those children at scouts will know all about this)


"Nature always wears the colour's of the spirit"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Spaghetti and Marshmallow Challenge 25th May 2018

In Science, Year 6 investigated the properties of tall structures- what enabled them to stay upright and to bear a load. We discussed traditional towers such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and more modern structures such as the Shard in London.

Working in groups, the pupils then attempted to build their own tower. What were the properties that would enable it to be tall and bear weight?

Interesting Structures!

Interesting Structures! 1
Interesting Structures! 2
Interesting Structures! 3

Birthday Cake for all

Millie celebrated her 11th birthday this month and very kindly brought in cake for the whole class.

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the Cake 1


World Book Day

On Thursday 1st March Edlesborough School celebrated World Book Day. The morning started with a family breakfast in the hall followed by an opportunity to share a book with siblings and parents in class. Dressed as their favourite book characters, Year 6 pupils really got into character!

Picture 1

Virtual Reality Experience - Topic Work, Ancient Greece

Virtual Reality Experience - Topic Work, Ancient Greece 1 Where shall we go next?
Virtual Reality Experience - Topic Work, Ancient Greece 2 Is it my turn yet?
On Monday 26th February, Year 6 utilised virtual reality headsets to gain a three dimensional insight into what it was like to live in Ancient Greece. The pupils were able to view the Acropolis and the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens before ascending Mount Olympus from where Zeus, the God of War, once ruled the world. The activity was enjoyed by all and generated lots of interest and discussion about what they had seen.

Year 6 receive SATs practice books

Year 6 receive SATs practice books 1

Carols by Candlelight Monday 11th December

Carols by Candlelight Monday 11th December 1

Preparing for Christmas

Preparing for Christmas 1

Design Technology


Year 6 have been making Viking purses, decorated with symbols depicting Viking life.

Design Technology

Design Technology 1

Year 6 Winter Display

Poetry, utilising figurative language, has been a focus of Literacy lessons this half term. The children demonstrated their understanding of personification in their "Winter" themed poems which are currently displayed in the school hall.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

This week, Year 6 have been writing their own poems based on the theme of resilience. These poems, based on personal experience were shared at the class assembly on Friday 24th November.


New Start


 By  Jack Jeffery

My name is Jack and I am 10 years old,

I have a story that wants to be told,

It is a story of woe and hardship,

But at the end your heart will flip.


It was about a year ago,

When I felt so very low,

But in times before that,

I was loved just like a cat.


I was at that school for 5 long years,

I was a boy of very little fears,

I had plenty of friends to back me up,

And I soared like a bird and went up, up, up.


But then my life was flipped up-side down,

And I was shipped off to a brand new town,

I had to say hello to the new and goodbye to the old,

Although it was summer I felt so very cold.


They didn’t accept me,

I didn’t have the key,

They threw me to the floor,

And looked at me no more.


Then I realized this was a second chance,

And that they wouldn’t just  give me a first glance,

I will fit in in this b rand new place,

And I would make sure they saw my face.


Now this school has become my home,

And I am Edlesborough to the bone,

And although my blue jumper is always seen,

I will not forget my old friends in green



A Classmate Departs...

Lily, who had been at Edlesborough School since Reception, left Year 6 on Friday 1st December to move with her family to Hampshire. The class celebrated Lily's (and her sister Ella's) time at Edlesborough School during assembly. We wish them all the best in their new school.

Picture 1

Year 6 Recorders

Still image for this video

Harvest Assembly 2017

Well done to all of Year 6 for a fabulous performance of Autumn Days in our assembly today. A special thank you to Josh and Maisie as Head Boy and Girl who led the assembly, as well as Harry and Jack our sound technicians.

Delivering around the village, Year 6 were exemplary role models and I'm amazingly proud of their maturity whilst carrying out this task.

Lastly, a special thank you to the mums who helped out this morning, without them it would have been an impossible job!!

MacMillan Tea-room


A massive well done to Year 6 who raised an impressive £119.34 for this amazing charity! Thank you to all parents who donated cakes for our sale.

Finding common multiples - 12.10.17

Vikings attack!!

Still image for this video
Rampaging Vikings march and attack

Racing Viking longships

Still image for this video

Rowing a Viking longship

Still image for this video

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch


To start off our new academic year, we have been learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. We have used photos to discuss the cause of this, to debate what we can do, produce posters and a short non-chronological report.

Our anti-litter posters based on work about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Researching the Great Pacific Garbage Patch