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Mrs Rimmer, Mrs Broderick, Mrs Stansfield and Miss Spencer would like to warmly welcome you to the year 5 class page. We hope that you will be regular visitors so we can keep you up to date with what we have been learning, any class news and other key activities or events that may be taking place. 

Please look through the site below for our most recent learning, achievements and useful information such as letters and topic overviews.


We are looking forward to getting to know everyone over the next few weeks and are thrilled to be sharing your child's learning journey with you. 


If you have any questions or queries that you'd like to discuss, please don't hesitate to contact us via the school office.

Year 5 Teaching Staff

Who's Who.

Who's Who. 1 Mrs Rimmer. Class Teacher
Who's Who. 2 Mrs Broderick. Class Teacher
Who's Who. 3 Mrs Stansfield. Teaching Assistant

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Curriculum Overviews

Kingswood Presentation

In addition to the topic homework, the children will receive spellings each week. These will be given on a Mon/ Tues and we will hold a spelling quiz in class the following week.

The children use a look, cover, write and check method. If they finish this quickly, then we encourage them to write sentences which show how to use the word in context.


Every Monday, the children have the opportunity to take a book out of the school library. This is also when we will look at the children's reading records, awarding house points for those reading on a regular basis. Please remember to sign your children's reading record.

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Year 5 Learning


Examples of what's happening in our classroom across a range of subjects can be seen below!

Autumn Term 1


We have had a great start to the year which we have kicked off with our theme of Crime and Punishment. In English, we have been thinking about the purpose and audience of our writing and how this affects the style we are using. This week we will be applying this learning when writing our biographies of Nelson Mandela... keep checking in to see some of our efforts! In order to support us in our wrting, we have explored the different features of biographical writing both strctural and language, rehearsed our biographies orally and used our knowldege of autobiographies to write about our first days at school.


The children thoroughly enjoyed their music session this week. In music we are studying the piece of music 'Mars' by Gustav Holst to link in with our science topic of Earth and Space.  To begin with we listened to the piueve of music and used shape and colour to draw interpretations of the music through the medium of a spaceship! This week we will continue to explore this music learning two asymmetrical ostinatos. Photos and videos to follow!







Journalistic Writing

Extra! Extra! Read all about it.....!

This week (01.10.18) has seen us turning our hand at being journalists! To help us become familiar with the purpose, audience and viewpoint of this writing style, we read through our class copies of First News to see what we could find out. Through our exploration, we learned about the structure of newspaer reports and the different lanaguage features that we may find within them. Following our planned trip to the National Space Centre in a few weeks, we will take the role of journalists to report our own version of the first landing on the moon!

Website Designers

Website Designers 1
Website Designers 2
Website Designers 3

Within our computing curriculum, we are looking at websites: exploring the role they play and how they appeal to different audiences through their layout, design and content.

This week we discussed and explored the different content that can be included on websites from podcasts to twitter feeds and videos to standard text. To help us design our own websites, we began to think about some of the content that we would like to include and how this information would be structured and organised. To help us plan our sites, we created a site map and then researched the different content we wanted to include.