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Year 4

updated 05.12.17

Welcome to Year 4


On our class page, you will find all the information specific to our year group. We will also update regularly with photos of activities we have undertaken in class.


This term our topic is Africa. This is mainly a geography based unit exploring the climate and physical geography of this very diverse continent. We will also learn about African culture, including the life of Nelson Mandela and how he inspired significant change.


In Science, we will explore the human digestive system as well as learning about the different functions of teeth. After half-term we will investigate insulation and learn about electricity.


Our Literacy work will focus on the texts Mufaro's Beautiful Daughter and The Elephant's Child, where the children will compose their own setting and character descriptions, as well as writing persuasively. They will also spend this term practicing their editing and improving work. Within Guided Reading, the children will read The Firework Maker's Daughter and use this text to explore and enrich vocabulary, as well as develop answering a range of questions.


In Maths this term, we will continue to follow the White Rose Maths scheme. Topics covered will include money, time, statistics and decimals.  Children will continue to be tested weekly on their times tables.


Over this term, PE will continue to be delivered on a Monday and Forest School on a Tuesday.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact either Mrs Peel or Mrs Collins.

Picture 1 Mrs Alice Garnham - Teaching Assistant

Year Group Letters 2017-2018

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Editing and improving our writing

Investigating teeth!

Lights, Camera, Action - Y3 & 4 Production

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Song 7: Spread the Word Bethlehem

Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)

Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  1
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  2
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  3
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  4
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  5
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  6
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  7
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  8
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  9
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  10
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  11
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  12
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  13
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  14
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  15
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  16
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  17
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  18
Science Lesson - Electrical Circuits (1.12.17)  19

Mathletics (22.11.17)


Congratulations to the following children who achieved a Bronze Certificate last week:

Hartley Field

George Murden

Cody Needham

Bhav Patel

Issac Simkin

Isobel Thorne

Theo Tripos

Isabella Bennett

Benjamin Campbell

Adele Drevenka


Cody Needham also achieved a Silver Certificate! Well done to all of you!

Celtic Roundhouses (20.11.17)

Year 4 children designed and made their own Celtic Roundhouses. They used a variety of materials, including those from the natural environment. 

Celtic Jewellery (14.11.17)

A specialist DT teacher came to visit today and showed the children some simple techniques to make their own Celtic jewellery. They just used string, foil, cardboard, PVA glue and black shoe polish!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16

Anti-Bullying Week (13.11.17)

This week, the whole school is looking at the theme of 'anti-bullying. Year 4 discussed that a jigsaw piece is like a person. When a person is alone they are ‘one piece’ but when they come together with others they make something very special – a community that fits together perfectly, just like a jigsaw!

Picture 1

Celtic Roundhouses (9.11.17)

In DT, children are making their own Celtic Roundhouses. They have drawn their own design and decided what materials are required to make it. Most materials we will provide from school, however children have been asked to bring in any other materials from home.

Please make sure these are in school by Tuesday 14th November.

Year 4 Reading Challenge (November 2017)


Children in Year 4 have been challenged to choose ten books from the list below and read them by the end of term! 


For each book read, they will receive 10 housepoints. Parents/Carers MUST sign their child's Reading Record to verify that they are reading the book. 


Prizes will be awarded too!


Good Luck Year 4!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12

Celtic Patterns (1.11.17)

In computing this week, Year 4 used an online interactive programme to create their own Celtic Knot Designs:


Ask your child to show you their designs.

Perimeter (31.10.17)

This week in Maths, the children are learning about the perimeter of shapes. Today we investigated different ways to try and find rectilinear shapes with a perimeter of 12cm.

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Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

The Lighthouse (31.10.17)

Still image for this video

In Literacy we are developing our story writing skills. Children watch the short film of the 'Lighthouse' and are learning about how to write a descriptive story which grips the reader and builds tension. 


So far we have looked at what makes a good story and how we can include these in our writing. 

Fortune Tellers

Before break time, we were looking at fronted adverbials and what the different ones tell us. They can be divided into fronted adverbials that tell us the time, the manner, the frequency, the possibility and the place an action happened. To help us remember, we made some fortune tellers to test each other. Some children chose to write a subject on the top level, so if you picked the subject of a skeleton, you had to say a sentence with a fronted adverbial that included a skeleton.  Some children put the headings and you had to start a sentence with that type. We made up some super sentences and it was a great fun way to practise our literacy skills. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Roman Numerals

We have been eating a lot of lollies in Year 4. This enabled us to make representations of

Roman Numerals with the sticks. We need to be able to use them up to 100 (C) in Year 4,

so we have been challenging each other to make them and guessing which numbers they are.

Can you read and write Roman Numerals up to 100? 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Week 4

This week, Oliver has been chosen as our Value Champion. I have been really impressed with his work attitude and the determination he has shown by taking his learning home and developing it, he has made some super artwork and a fabulous spear. Great job Oliver. 


Dulcie is our Growth Mindset Champion as she has worked so hard this week. She has picked herself up when finding tasks hard, kept on trying and trying and the smile she has when she gets out of the other side of the pit makes my day. Keep up the good work.

Week 3

Our Growth Mindset winner this week is Isabella who always starts at the right place and challenges  herself to achieve more. Ben is our Values winner and determination is his middle name, he always gets straight on and completes his tasks to the best of his abilty. Two worthy winners. 


Week 2

We have Zach and Ella – Ella leaps into the pit every day and does her utmost to clamber up the other side. Zach has taken a bit of time to settle in but through determination now bounds in with everyone else. Super attitude.

Week 1

Our first Praise Bench winners are Dulcie and Kevin. 

Kevin for returning to school determined to get out of that pit each lesson and Dulcie who has come back from her restful holiday ready to cope with new challenges and take them in her stride. Well done!