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Mrs McLean and Mrs Laird warmly welcome you to the year 2 class page. Our classroom is a fun and exciting place to be and we have a busy year planned ahead.  We would love to share our learning and achievements with you, so please keep visiting our page to read our latest news. By scrolling down you can also access useful information such as class letters and homework.  

Picture 1 Mrs Donna McLean - Year 2 Class Teacher/KS1 Leader
Picture 2 Mrs Elle Laird - Teaching Assistant

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Humpty Dumpty has a great fall!!!


On Wednesday Year 2 were alerted to an incident on the school playground. They were given their journalist clipboards and name badges and went to investigate. The sight they found was devastating! Humpty Dumpty had had a great fall from a very high wall! They worked hard as journalists to uncover what had happened, interviewing the kings men who had witnessed the incident. They then worked in pairs to write an article to report what had happened. Great journalistic skills year 2!! 

Great Fire of London Diary Entries


This week we found out how the Great Fire of London started and we discovered that we know so much about the fire thanks to a very famous diary written by Samuel Pepys.  The children then imagined that they had witnessed the fire themselves and wrote their own diary entry.  They are displayed proudly in our classroom.


Here are just a few.


Dear Diary

Today was a hot and scary day.  Strange noises woke me early! I packed my bag because London was on fire! I packed my brown teddy, joke book and tasty food. Then I rushed to the front door and I saw bright, red flames jumping from house to house and swallowing all of London.  I was so petrified of the fire. I hope my friends will be ok.  The fire is nearly at the water!             Nicholas


Dear Diary

Today has been the scariest day of my life.  I looked out of my window and saw London was on fire.  I quickly packed my teddy, book and money in a small, straw bag.  I ran outside onto the dark street.  I saw bright red fire on the houses. People were running and screaming.  I felt sad.  I ran to the boat and I got in to the middle of the water.  I hope my friends will be ok.              Star


Dear Diary

Today was a terrifying day. At night time I was sleeping just until I heard babies crying.  It was so loud! I covered my small ears and then went to open my broken window.  I was so shocked when I looked.  I could see red fire.  I smelt grey smoke and I heard screaming.  I was really scared.  I went to pack up my food, my drinks and a picture of my family.  I was scared so much! I went out of the spruce door.  I just noticed that there was way more fire! I ran to an oak boat with my family.  We saw the boat and ran faster.  We rowed and stopped at the middle of the river. Where will we go now?      Toby


Dear Diary

Today I was shocked when I woke up.  I heard babies crying.  I went to have a look and London was on fire!  I felt petrified it was so bad.  I rushed downstairs to pack a suitcase.  I packed my teddy, another teddy and money.  I went outside I was so scared I stuck onto mother, sister and daddy.  People were turning everywhere I went.  I smelt hot smoke and I could taste it.  I ran as fast as I ever ran before. Few! I got the last boat. I rowed into the middle where I will be safe but I thought will my friends be ok?                  Elise


Dear Diary

Today was a very scary day.  I heard people screaming I went to my blurry winndow and I saw that London was on fire.  Then Mum said I needed to get a black shiny bag and 3 things. I chose a huge piece of chicken, 4 cups of water and £33.  Then I went outside.  What a sight!  I hope my friends will be ok.  I heard fire cracking very loud.  We found a wooden boat. So we jumped in. Then I realised that it was the last one. How lucky! Will my friends be ok? Will my family be ok?          Benji


Dear Diary

Today was the scariest day of my life. I was woken up by smoke going up my poor nose.  I went to my cracked window. I saw bright flames and ash burning the ground.  My mum told me to pack 3 of my special things.  When I did it I ran down the steep stairs. I was still worried I ran slow.  When I got outside I saw babies crying. I saw bright flames swirling. I felt petrified.  I could see ash burning to the ground.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Will my friend be ok?  I could hear flames cracking. I hope my family is ok.  I ran to the river. At least there was a boat. I was incredibly lucky that I got on the last boat.  I hope all the other people are ok.  We rowed in to the middle.  I hope the street will not be on fire tomorrow.          Kardelen



Anti-bullying week 13th-17th November 


This week we have taken part in National Anti-bullying week. The children were shown a box with something very special inside, something unique! When they peered inside they saw their reflections. We discussed how we all saw something different, how there is no one else in the world just like them. We then reflected on this, thinking about why it's good to be different, and why we need to all come together to create a finished picture. The children demonstrated this by creating their own jigsaw pieces using the laptops, showing the things that are unique to them. Later they painted their 'unique' self portraits to add to our fantastic display.

Great Fire of London


The children are thoroughly enjoying our new topic 'Fire! Fire!', especially learning about the Great Fire of London. So far we have learnt about how the fire started and have created animations on the laptops using 2animate.  We have looked at the diary written by Samuel Pepys and have started to plan our own.  Some children have enjoyed it so much that they have taken their learning outside at lunch time and recreated the Great Fire using chalk on the school playground!

Picture 1

Firework Poems


We have been looking at the poem 'Crackle! Spit!' by Marie Thorn and have used it as a model to write our own. We used alliteration, positional language and precise verbs.  Listen to a few of our efforts.








Wild Things Wanted!!


On Monday we returned to school after the weekend to find that the Wild Things had escaped from their island.  We thought it was best to learn how to trap one so we rehearsed a set of instructions just in case we should come across one.

The next day, Mr Comer came into our classroom with some strange and mysterious news.  He had been working late and had heard weird noises coming from our classroom.  He investigated and found the Wild Things were causing all sorts of mischief, hanging from the ceiling and dancing on Mrs McLean's chair.  He even took some photos to show us.  Lucky for us we knew how to capture a Wild Thing, so we decided to follow the instructions and make a trap. When we went outside we saw huge footprints making a trail from the school to the field.  There were even some of the story house roof!!   We made our traps and then waited.

On Wednesday morning we went back to the field to check our traps.  They were covered in fur and leaves were everywhere. Mr Bush told us that he'd chased them off the night before.


So, the Wild Things are still loose.  We will be watching carefully at school to see if they return, and hopefully we can change our instructions and come up with a new plan that works!

Natural History Museum Tring 

Wednesday 4th October


What a milestone!! Year 2 have been on their first ever school trip!!  And what a day it was.  I have never seen a class of such excited children before, and they represented the school beautifully.  


We had a very busy day, but rather then me telling you all about it, here is what Nicholas and Elise have written about the trip.



Picture 1 Elise
Picture 2 Nicholas
We had an amazing day and learnt a lot about the history of the museum, the life of Walter Rothschild and how animals have changed over time.  We were all wowed by the size of the giant sloth and enjoyed being able to handle some specimens like the glis glis.  I hope you enjoyed your day Year 2.

Working with probots


Year 2 have settled in incredibly well after their summer holidays.  They are approaching new challenges with open minds and keen to do well.  We have started our 'Fur, feet and feathers' topic and we are all very excited about our upcoming trip to the Natural History Museum.


In computing the children were very excited to be able to use the probots for the very first time.  We looked at how they differ from the beebots, and began exploring how to input an 'algorithm'.  We found them to be a little trickier than beebots, but true to form, no one gave up!