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In Reception we are taught by Mrs Danielle Maujean, an Early Years expert who has a passion for teaching and learning.  Our fantastic Teacher Assistants are Miss Charlotte Varley and Mrs Lisa Celine who both share a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this department.  Our classroom is a fun and busy place to be, with our imaginative creations evident for all to see. This class page is where we will share all of our news, upcoming events and key activities with you.  Scroll down to see latest pictures of us during moments of active learning, as well as to find out what our latest achievements are and for other useful information such as letters and topic overviews.
Picture 1 Mrs Dani Maujean - Reception Class Leader
Picture 2 Mrs Lisa Celine - HL Teaching Assistant

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Our First week at 'Big School'...

Our First week at 'Big School'... 1 Lots of busy fingers in the Writing Area.
Our First week at 'Big School'... 2 Having some learning fun in the Outdoor Classroom.
Our First week at 'Big School'... 3 Messy play exploration and imaginative play.
Our First week at 'Big School'... 4 Busy little people getting to know each other.
Our First week at 'Big School'... 5 Telling stories to each other in the Reading Area.
Our First week at 'Big School'... 6 Enjoying the 'sticky dough' thoroughly.
Our First week at 'Big School'... 7 Block building 'homes and other special places'
Our First week at 'Big School'... 8 Such originality in the Creative Area.
Our First week at 'Big School'... 9 Exploring our fabulous Outdoor Area.
Our First week at 'Big School'... 10 Some avid gardeners in our midst.
Our First week at 'Big School'... 11 Great fun pulling out existing fresh produce.
Our First week at 'Big School'... 12 The boys were in their element with these boats.
Our First week at 'Big School'... 13 This was such a popular activity.
Our First week at 'Big School'... 14 The girls love role-playing in the Den.
Our First week at 'Big School'... 15 Some balancing shenanigans going on.

Settling into school:


The Reception children did an absolutely fabulous job with settling into the rules and routines of 'big school' this week.  We had very few tears and mostly very excited and eager little people.  School dinners in the main school hall went off without a hitch and here too, the Reception children coped with surprising ease.  Mrs Maujean is beyond proud of the efforts each and every child (and their parents) have put in to making this week such a success.  Keep it up everyone crying

Sharing of their 'This is ME' bag:

The children have enjoyed this little 'get to know you' activity immensely and we have been delighted to see how confident they are with getting up and speaking in front of their peers.  Thanks too, must go to the parents who quite clearly enjoyed assisting with the decorating of bags and filling out of their "All About Me" booklets.  Well done Reception, what an awesome start to the year.

This is Me!

This is Me! 1 The first group of brave darlings.
This is Me! 2 Very excitedly sharing all of his chosen items.
This is Me! 3 Such a beautifully decorated bag.
This is Me! 4 Telling us all about her lovely family.
This is Me! 5 Eagerly telling us his story.
This is Me! 6 This little poppet had so much to share with us.