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Mrs McLean and Mrs Varley would like to warmly welcome you to the Reception class page. We hope that you will be regular visitors so we can keep you up to date with what we have been learning, any class news and other key activities or events that may be taking place. 

Please look through the site below for our most recent learning, achievements and useful information such as letters and topic overviews.


We are looking forward to getting to know everyone over the next few weeks and are thrilled to be sharing your child's learning journey with you. 


If you have any questions or queries that you'd like to discuss, please don't hesitate to contact us via the school office.

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Forest school 


Over the past few weeks we have been learning to compliment each other, our volunteer adults and the area around us that we use. The magic staff made some lovely friends a few weeks ago and I am pleased to say he is well respected in our forest family even if he is only seen as a piece of wood....a beautiful piece of wood at that.


This week I would like to invite parents to write down a compliment to your child for us to share around the fire on THURSDAY.  Please pop them down on a piece of paper and hand them in to myself or the office for my attention. We will be attempting a full fire session with Marshmallows so do let me know if there are any children who cannot have or if you can supply an extra packet. Thanks so much to those who have given biscuits and hot chocolate this term its very much appreciated. Own flasks have worked a treat as it gives the children their independence to pour their own and be responsible. 


We have worked wonderfully well with the drills the past two weeks and the flint and steel. In January we will begin to introduce other tools and begin our journey to create something to bring home by the end of the summer term. 


January is going to be cold, we are very lucky that a new outdoor forest school classroom will be built but I cannot say when this will be complete. Therefore can we please ensure plenty of layers and waterproofs are provided as we will still continue to go out unless its unsafe to do so. 


Thanks to all the volunteer parents so far too!


Mrs Varley

Forest School Lead 

Space rockets and more fire lighting

Tools and Elves 


So this week we were introduced to the magical staff which will now be keeper of the wood. Children were encouraged to say a positive message to it to gain entry :) 


The story of the east wind was told and a wonder of what we can do to make him happier. Mrs Varley had made a dream catcher, some children made him a swing while others went ahead and made fishing rods and bows and arrows.


As we learn to respect our area and the rules of base camp we will begin to introduce tools and how we use them. This week ( we want to do fire and marshmallows soon) we looked at the flint and steal and some children even had a go at striking. Well done has to be said as they showed trust and perserverance not to give up. It takes some practice to get it to spark and they all managed it in the end. Over the next few weeks we will practice some more and begin to light our pixie pillows. 


We also spotted our elf friends houses and discussed how we should not pick them and to watch out for our magical friends.



If I could please ask for the next lot of biscuit/marshmallow donation and if you happen to be shopping some hot chocolate for the colder weather this needs to be able to be made with hot water which we will eventually be warming on the fire. 


Many thanks to our volunteer parents who came along to play 




A few photos from our buddy sessions

Space rocket landing 


The children couldn't believe it when I told them about the loud noises I'd heard and bright flashing lights. I showed them a video which showed a space rocket crash landing. On investigation we found rocket remains, wires, green slime and lots of pants!!! We are now on the look out for a missing alien!


Still image for this video

Remembrance Week


We have had an exceptionally busy week and I am extremely proud of the sensitivity shown by the class when learning about the symbol of the poppy. We used the CBeebies animation to look at war from an animals perspective and make our clay poppies with Mr Bush. The year 6 buddies invited us to help make trench cake, which everyone got to try. We ended the week by joining up with key stage 1 for a carousel of activities including war time singing, poppy crafts, army combat training and a friendly game of football. 

Phonics and Reading


We have now almost completed phase 2 in our letters and sounds sessions, having covered the following phonemes 



Please continue to practise and consolidate this at home, in particular the blending of the sounds  to read CVC words, real or alien.  I will send home flash cards at the start of next week. 


Just a reminder that reading folders must be in school every day but importantly on a Tuesday as this is when we change reading books.


The weather is starting to become a lot rainier and colder. Please ensure that your child has a coat for their playing for learning sessions as our outdoor area is accessible in all weathers.  I may also suggest an all in one waterproof suit for those children who enjoy using the mud kitchen and digging area. 



Just some of our learning in Autumn 2 so far

Just some of our learning in Autumn 2 so far  1
Just some of our learning in Autumn 2 so far  2
Just some of our learning in Autumn 2 so far  3
Just some of our learning in Autumn 2 so far  4
Just some of our learning in Autumn 2 so far  5
Just some of our learning in Autumn 2 so far  6
Just some of our learning in Autumn 2 so far  7



This week we have looked at Diwali and Bonfire Night, and how they both use fireworks to celebrate and remember. We had great fun creating a giant firework picture outside which has now formed a display in the classroom. We told the story of Guy Fawkes, and some of the children continued this in their playing for learning time, being police officers and trying to catch Guy Fawkes.Some even made wanted posters. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5



Our first week back after half term was based around the book ‘Pumpkin Soup’. We had lots of pumpkins in provision and some Halloween themed activities, and we even made and tasted our own pumpkin soup.

Forest school week 6


Our last session for this half term saw us welcome our new mud kitchen, We send many thanks to the parents who helped create this marvelous area, its been well used today and is very much loved by all.


There was lots of creative mask making with mud today, plenty of mud pies to be had and discovering a newt, worms and 'helicopters'.


We used our hearing senses again this week to listen to sounds of nature and to guess the animal noise. Great job class


All kit should have made its way home, but if your child likes the mud please send back water proofs or all in ones back in until Friday, I will send boots home then. Going forward its only going to get wetter and muddier. Please ensure there are layers in kit bags and look at the potential for all in one waterproofs, These are proving to be much better than separate items and can be used during play for learning time in class. If you have any spare wellies or your child has outgrown some please consider donating them to class for spares.


Have a lovely half term gang

Mrs Varley

Batman visits!


The children were surprised to find a mystery black piece of paper in the classroom on Thursday. It appeared to have something written on it but it was so dark we couldn’t see it properly. The children suggested we try shining torches on it, which made it a little better, but still not clear. So I showed them that sometimes water makes secret messages appeared, and as we painted over the top of it the message appeared: ‘to reception, how are you? From batman’

The Children discovered that he had also left some Batman logos behind so we decided to write our own secret messages. Some even hid under the tables to make it extra dark. Some fantastic mark making occurred! At least we know we’ve got a superhero nearby to save us from any disasters!!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Forest school week 5


Following on from last week, we played 'blind mans seek' to use our hearing, smell and memory senses. 


We had some amazing team work going on to rescue 'steggy' from the swamp and a small group of students enjoyed beginning to learn how to make dens with tarp and ropes 



Forest school week 4


Following on from our class topic, we sat and discussed the sounds we could hear and the things we could smell.


We looked at our hand and foot prints created with the glorious mud we have and measured them with sticks to see which was bigger ....great maths activity boys and girls :)


Lots of role play throughout the session allows me to gauge how friendships are expanding and the language that we can use to help children discover the great outdoors. I will be sending some boots home this weekend as they are beginning to grow mud inside them surprise


Can I please request if you have any old pots and pans or digging equipment lying around please send them our way as we have lots of avid gardeners and mud kitchen chefs. 


Many thanks to our volunteers who spent the afternoon with us. As always I will put the whiteboard outside for this weeks signup 


Have a great weekend 


Mrs V and the forest family 


" We sit in the mud .....and reach for the stars "

Number hunt


Mervin the maths monkey loves numbers, but he sometimes gets confused, so he asked us to help find some numbers which were muddled up with letters. We did so well that he asked us to find him some more numbers, so we went on a number hunt. It turns out that we have some really good investigators in our class, finding numbers in the tiniest of places. Well done Reception, Mervin was very thankful.

Week 3


We have had another very busy week. We have started phase 2 in our phonics sessions, being introduced to the first set of letters and sounds. These have been sent home as flash cards, and we will continue to send more home as they are introduced in class. The children have worked hard to form the letters s,a,t,p this week, please continue to practise these at home.  We also continued our marvellous me topic, learning the story ‘funnybones’ through actions and sounds. In maths, we have started to focus on a number a week to truly master each one. This week we started with the number 1. Ask the children to teach you the rhyme for it’s formation. 



We had our first computing session this week and all had a go at making marks in 2paint. I’m very impressed with the children’s mouse skills. Some were even able to demonstrate skills to their peers. Giving really clear instructions. Great work. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Forest school week 2 and 3


 I failed to mention Mrs Croc to you last time, however I'm almost certain you will have heard of her frownShe helps us learn our boundary lines and ensures we're always mindful of not disturbing her protected area too much.


Last week we made our mud faces and decorated them around the forest school area to see if they would still be there this week.....Well done AL yours was the only one still standing. This week we continued our classroom learning and made our own bodies out of sticks before heading off to explore.


We found a fabulous swing courtesy of year 4 and discovered how to hang the hammock. There was lot of role play happening today and I especially enjoyed my muddy pancakes. 


I'll be leaving an invitation on the white board every Monday for volunteers to come along and help. Many thanks to the lovely ladies last week and this without you we simply couldn't do it all.


" It's a wondrous thing how the WILD calms the child" - unknown

Week 2


We continued our theme of Marvellous Me this week, reading the story of Elmer. We talked about what makes us special and created our own Elmer collages. These can be seen on display in the school hall.

We created a class pictograph of our favourite colours and were able to say which was the most and least popular. 

Sound walk


To support our Phonics walk, we went on a sound walk this week. We used our listening ears to hear sounds in the environment around us. We heard diggers from across the road, an aeroplane, children playing and birds. The children walked really sensibly around school for their first big trip out. Well done.

All about me bags


Thank you for taking the time to help the children create their all about me bags over the summer. We have had a lovely time finding out about each and everyone of the children. They have shown great confidence in standing in front of their peers to share their special items. 

Funky Fingers


We start each morning with our funky fingers activities. The purpose of this is to strengthen the children’s fingers in preparation for writing. You could support this at home by trying one of the following activities:

- threading beads

- cutting along fine lines

- stacking Cheerios in dry spaghetti

- screwing nuts on bolts

- unlocking padlocks 

Reception picnic


Thank you to those who attended our reception picnic. It was a fantastic turn out and a great way to celebrate the end of the children’s first week at school.


Forest school Week 1 Autumn term 2018


Hello and welcome to our forest family. Our first session was learning about our forest school rules. There aren't many but those we have are important. Children practiced their counting skills before making a bid for the mud! and boy did they find the mud.


Each week we will tie our activities in to our topic where we can, but our main aim is to be free to explore, to build trust and to respect the world we live in...and not forgetting to take risks. Your child will come home dirty from time to time and as the wetter weather arrives it will only get more dirty :) The mental benefits forest school has far out way the dirt. 


Thanks to our parent helpers, I'm sure you will agree much fun was had.


Mrs Varley

Weeks 1 and 2


What a fantastic start to school they have all had! I am so proud of each and every one of our reception children, making that huge step into big school. They have taken every thing in their stride, settled incredibly well and already started making some lovely friendships.  These first few weeks are all about settling in to the classroom environment and forming new relationships, but other activities have already including computing, data handing, sharing stories, sound walks, forest school and our weekly buddy time with their y6 buddies.  Photos to follow soon!


Next week we will start PE, so please make sure their indoor PE kit is in school.


We go through a lot of the following equipment/perishables so if you ever find yourself with an empty shopping basket we would be really appreciative of donations:

-hand gel


-antibacterial wipes

-cream of tartar




Many Thanks



Week 1


What an amazing start! We have already achieved so much, in just week 1. This week has all been about settling in, making new friends and adjusting to new routines, and they have all taken it in their stride. They had their first buddy time and even went to their first school assembly.  I’m very proud of you all!