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The opportunities, organisation and provision for the teaching and learning of reading are as follows:


Guided reading- Early reading skills are taught in reading sessions in Reception and Year 1. From Year 2, a class text is used as a basis to cover all the skills required.


Independent reading – Children have a variety of opportunities to read silently during specific times for reading within class.


Phonics - Phonics is taught through Letters & Sounds and is taught daily to all children in EYFS and KS1, and into KS2 for some children.


Reading to Children -Teachers also take time to read class novels and model reading for pleasure. It is important that children enjoy reading and also have the opportunity to experience books from classic and modern classic authors.


Interventions - A range of interventions are used to ensure that all children leave Edlesborough School as fluent readers. This includes phonic and spelling intervention groups for children in KS1 and KS2.


Resources – A book banded reading scheme operates across the school which comprises of a range of different schemes. Children work their way through the bands and then become free readers. All banded books used by children in KS1, and by some in KS2, are phonically decodable and children are placed on the band according to their phonic knowledge. 


Links to parents – Each child has a reading record book which logs books they have read and comments about their reading. Parents and teaching staff write in this book. Children are encouraged to read at home every day.

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